Supply Jane Clears the Way: A Supply Jane & Fifo Adventure (ebook)

Megan Preston Meyer
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The dragon food factory is falling behind!

Uncle Manny makes the best dragon food in the business. His employees are working as hard as they can, but they can’t make enough dragon food to keep their customers happy… can Supply Jane and her sidekick Fifo find and fix the bottleneck?

The Adventures of Supply Jane and Fifo bring supply chain, logistics, and inventory management principles to life. They teach kids simple but powerful concepts that make the world around us work. The books complement traditional STEAM offerings nicely and are a great way for parents to approach the 'Here’s what Mommy does all day at work' conversation.

Supply Jane Clears the Way teaches kids about the theory of constraints, a management concept made popular by Eliyahu M. Goldratt’s business novel The Goal. They’ll learn about systems thinking and problem-solving, and will get a dragon-filled introduction to the world of supply chain and operations management!

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Supply Jane Clears the Way: A Supply Jane & Fifo Adventure (ebook)

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