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NO ONE is their authentic self at work

Currant Keppler has a fresh MBA and her first corporate job: participating in the LATTE Management Rotation Program at Alpine Chalet Coffee Company, the Midwest's second-largest coffee chain. She's fluent in jargon, excited for new challenges, and completely bought in—until she realizes that there's something fishy with her first project.

I'm in the big leagues now, she tells herself. This is just how the game is played. But when a question of ethics turns into a question of murder, she learns that some people will do anything to succeed – and that NO ONE is their authentic self at work.

Combining corporate culture, the start-up scene, cabin life, and punny coffee drinks, Firebrand takes a campy, loving look at impostor syndrome, authenticity, and the absurdities of the corporate world.

“A clever mystery replete with Millennials, MBAs, Marketing, and Macchiatos… It’s witty, fresh, and spot on.” – Susan D. Steiner, Murder by Manuscript (the August Burns series)

"Funny, existential, and thought-provoking." – Mahmoud Rasmi, philosophy consultant

"As a Minnesotan and someone going into corporate life, I appreciated it."
– Mya Sullivan, Minnesotan going into corporate life

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